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Felicity Film Festival

New Submission Deadline: 28th February, 2023

Preliminary Launch | Rules & Jury yet to be finalized. 

along with

NUJS, Kolkata

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Who can apply?

Each film can be made by a team of any size. The team can comprise of anyone but at least one participant must be of Indian Nationality. 


The films can be in any language provided they have appropriate subtitles. MUST NOTE: The judges are yet to be chosen, but they will most likely be comfortable in English & hence, our recommendation would be the same. 

Film Duration

The film must be of a minimum duration of 5 minutes & not more than 20 minutes in total. 


cash prizes

The best 2 movies will receive Cash Prizes, Merit Certificates and all participants will receive Certificates of participation. Further, the cash prizes might increase as sponsors increase. 

The selected movies will be uploaded on all of Felicity's social media platforms as well - which has in the past reached millions of people. 


the films can be made on themes that highlight issues of discrimination in today's world. they do not have to be directly related to any particular theme & can be shown via narrative stories. 

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Title & Credits:

Each film should depict its title and credits, including the names of the producer, writer and director.

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A Jury will select the winners, and these selections will be not be for debate.

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Each team must ensure originality and any form of plagarism will not be tolerated. 

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Each film should also provide a poster of the film in various sizes fit to be thumbnails across channels.


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