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Back Story.

As he stood among the hills and majestic mountains of St. Paul's School in Darjeeling, he reminisced about his life's journey. St. Paul's was his first and only home, where he learned every skill and every good thing in him. He was educated, not just taught, and the school gave him creativity, compassion, and care. He felt like he was part of a closely knit family, where there wasn't a sport they didn't play or a lesson they didn't learn.

After leaving St. Paul's, he shifted to Delhi and spent two years in DPS Vasant Kunj, where he learned to fend for himself in the real world. He then spent the toughest years of his life in VIT, where he felt broken and cracked. However, his six-week exchange program to Russia via AIESEC changed his life in every way. It taught him how to lead, manage teams, run events, be selfless, face rejection, and learn from his mistakes.

Empowered by his experiences, he chased his passions and published his first book, dropped out of engineering in his third year, and began preparing for CLAT. He got into NUJS in Kolkata and fell in love with the city's love and life. However, trouble soon overwhelmed his life as he struggled with health issues, which he had hidden for years.

He tried to avoid his issues, but eventually, the cracks showed to the world, and he realized he couldn't hide forever. In 2020, everything became too much, and he ran back to his parents, who helped him through the cracks. They helped him heal, and he returned to writing, finished his next book, revived his page, and founded Felicity.

As he stood among the hills and mountains of St. Paul's School once again, he realized that he had come full circle. He had left home for an adventure in 2004 and had fought for 16 years on his own. However, he had finally found his way back to where it all began, with his family by his side, helping him through his struggles.

Felicity Inc.


About Felicity Inc.

Kolkata, India - Felicity Inc., a cutting-edge creative company, has officially launched its services to revolutionize various industries through innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Under the umbrella of Felicity Inc., they have multiple wings like a marketing agency called Influence Felicity, a weekly newsletter - Petals, the creator’s community, a film-making division, a sustainable fashion label “C,” a story-sharing initiative. Lastly, they are now building a legal tech firm, Qube.

Founded by Bhartendu Bhaskar (aka bshubhamb), an experienced storyteller and community builder, Felicity Inc is set to disrupt the social media marketing landscape with its groundbreaking approach. As a professional with years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their Instagram accounts have reached over 16,000,000 accounts & they promise they can do the same for you!!

"Our aim at InfluenceFelicity is to provide innovative solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We believe that by combining our expertise with the latest technologies, we can revolutionise digital marketing and help build a great brand. Our mission is to democratize creativity by creating a platform where algorithms don’t control the art”

Influence Felicity (of Felicity Inc) offers a wide range of services, including Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing (India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Bhutan), and Event Management (only in Kolkata). They will build you a world of possibilities with consistent content on social media, beautiful ads, catchy influencers & modern websites. Check them out here,

Stay informed and engaged with their weekly newsletter! They bring you the latest news and analysis at the intersection of art, politics, law, and history. From the latest political developments to insightful critiques of the art world, their expert writers and researchers provide thought-provoking content every week. Join the Petals community of engaged and informed readers today! 

Join their creator’s community today and take your creativity to new heights! Their community offers a supportive space for creators of all kinds, from writers and artists to musicians and filmmakers. Connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights and feedback, and collaborate on exciting new projects. The community is designed to help you grow your skills and network to achieve your creative goals. Join them today and start making your mark on the world!

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