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a tiny boy, starting at an airplane

Up in the sky, where the clouds do glide,

I wish to soar, with arms out wide.

Oh how I dream, to feel the breeze,

And glide through the air, with such ease.

I close my eyes, and picture the flight,

With wind in my hair, and sunshine so bright.

I'll spread my arms, and let out a cheer,

As I take to the sky, with no fear.

I long to fly, and see the world,

From a bird's-eye view, and feel so swirl'd.

I'll visit new places, and meet new friends,

And have adventures, that never end.

But for now, I'll wait, and dream with glee,

And believe in my heart, that someday I'll be,

Soaring through the sky, with joy and pride,

The little boy who finally learned to fly.


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