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conditions applied | iqraar

penned: bshubhamb

humans like control - don't we?

nature built mindless rivers, free air -

oceans without boundaries, and me -

i was never free though, none of us are free -

we are trapped by culture, religion, laws -

we are designed to fit into a mould designed by others -

it's still okay, i guess, the need to control -

but, things change when the mould isn't enough -

when you want more - when you fall in love -

it doesn't have to be with a person, things hurt too -

maybe your dreams flow free, while the mould doesn't

in my case, i fell for a girl -

our mould says it's okay to be in love -

but it says it with an '*' -

conditions applied, - she should be a Hindu -

should be educated, should be 'sushil' -

thousands of years, and no one could define love

but somehow they have done it.

anyway, as you can guess i fell in love -

with a girl, sorry - 'Christian' girl -

if you know my work, you'll know i love dead people -

so, someone does die in this story too -

it was a Friday, bright, but rainy -

teasing the dilemma we faced -

i wanted us to run, she wanted to us to face them

we went to her father, he threatened to kill us -

but mine, pointed the gun at her -

i pushed his hand away, he pulled the trigger -

he shot my mother, we ran away -

we ran to the river nearby, even considered jumping -

then decided to get married -

i have written this in a very abrupt manner -

you might say it doesn't feel right, there's no flow

there's isn't a rhyme, there's isn't any value -

but that's how i feel about society.

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