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dahlia | story of an artist

we are creatures of society,

it shapes & build us, it hones us or breaks us.

society in itself has a fragile fabric,

family, even though is extremely strong,

it’s also very tense

it is thin, rigid, & dense in our country.

mine is the same way,

me & my brother are both artistic

remember the monkey hanging in the HC Verma books,

well, we doodled a whole world around it, & us with it,

one day, a popcorn bucket changed things for me,

I created doodles on it, related to rock, it went viral -

& a person offered to buy it,

the money I got was used to buy equipment to do more.

If you are an artist you’d know -

that our worlds are limitless,

Mine was too, limitless, and magical,

& unfortunately imagined,

It all came crashing down on -

the tensed bonds of family,

When complaints reached home of my art, well -

art is misunderstood, this creativity of mine -

Is used to express things, emotions, ideals,

Maybe a story of power, or one of pain, & yes, sometimes even lust,

But they saw only one thing -

‘lust, desire’ or to them, ‘anti societal’,

Giving up on art is never an option,

so I evolved -

Evolved to adapt my artwork to the times, to express & not enrage,

Don’t think it of as compromise, it wasn’t -

it gave complexity, yes,

The story still continues to this day,

you can join my story too -

I did jobs, and am learning digital art,

art is about growth, & I am always growing.



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