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iqraar | ChandraDyuti (i/iii)

I paced towards to the mall entrance,

All while staring at the poster of a saree clad woman,

I like Indian traditionals, & I crashed into her,

Very Bollywood, I mean I always hoped for a story like this,

I would crash into someone, & the violins would play,

The world would pause, & people would break into song,

Well - that didn’t happen, she just dusted herself off,

& looked straight through me, I was terrified for a second,

But before I could utter “sorry”, she said, “I know you!?

Excuse me?”, I asked,

Yes, yes, we met in the national library”, she said,

I nodded, pretending that I knew what she was talking about,

Umm, you were with Roy, & we were working on a similar project,

so you had helped me out”, she said.

Yes! Yes! I do remember, call it even then?”, I said coyly.

No, I am not that easy, you owe me a coffee”, she said.

Sure, are you free now …” I trailed off, hoping she says her name.

“Chandra”, she added.

“ & I am Dyuti”, I finished.

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Chandradyuti Majumder
Chandradyuti Majumder


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