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Iqraar | ChandraDyuti (iii/iii)

i sat in the blaze, the fire changed colours -

watched it twist & squirm, it blew up, and died away

with the fire, I changed too - my hair burnt to a toast,

& my faith in humanity vanished with our home,

is it really our home now that she is dead?

my home? - not home, my house, my burnt house.

she died without knowing how much I love her,

It ended before I could show her the world,

before I could fulfil every promise I made,

maybe I should have fought harder, or done something -

anything, why didn’t I save her? Why didn’t I die?

like Olivia says, “all I ever want to be is enough for you”

you did leave me there crying, & you were gone.

medication kept me alive for the next few months,

then revenge took place as primary motivator,

& when the world didn’t deliver on justice,

I met them, a person who I didn’t really know -

I think they like the anonymity, they sat & heard me,

It was just the two of us, me & them - no distraction,

A few days later, justice was served, the culprits -

Came to the ‘Thana’ & surrendered, when asked,

“they said it was safer here than to face that person”

when I heard the news, I ran out to the garden,

I danced, & smiled for the first time since that day.


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