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iqraar | Pratiksha

iqraar | Pratiksha


It was not just another day,

Things felt giddy from the very start,

I opened my eyes to a dark cloud by my window,

after years of waiting I had finally found someone,

I mean we go on dates, I am sure you do too -

But you know, they are just people, they aren’t someone.

Today I had a date with that “someone”,

the Chalamet, or Sprouse,

Jumping from bench to bench, I waited for him in the park,

finally he came up to me, & he looked tensed,

eyes sparkled because of the tears,

He looked at the tree, & looked back at me,

It felt like his gaze cut through me,

Then he smiled, as a tear stained his cheek,

“I am sorry, I can’t lie to you, this would never work”, he said,

“But why? We haven’t even tried yet?”, I asked -

“I am sorry”, he said,

“NO! Tell me, be honest”, I demanded,

“It’s not you, it’s me”, he answered,

“More!”, I commanded,

“I can’t love you, I can’t love a ‘her’, I need something else”,

he confessed.


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