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letter to fate

lost in books, there was a lonely soul

its mind filled with hope, expectations, ambitions

it ran from page to page, book after book,

writing it’s own story as it did, looking for something,

we barely ever know what we are looking for -

we just run, hide, run again - till we run into it,

abruptly, randomly, & suddenly things slow down,

the endless maze seems to clear away,

there is just that person & you -

the world drifting away into the nothingness you came from,

you can feel your heartbeat for that person,

your mind pushes away all things, replaces it with that one image,

the soul, our protagonist, is now in love,

all it’s life it has lived with logic, it wants to keep a plan b,

but if you’ve been in love you’d know -

there isn’t a plan b, it’s that person or no one,

fate is funny, it twists & turns, denies you what you want,

& then one day, like a random cloud burst,

drops what you need instead, you doubt it -

you question it, then you accept it,

& can never let go.



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