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letter to your parent

i am not enough,

a letter from you to your parent,

I am sorry, I am not enough, mom/dad

but it’s hard for me to live up to expectations

difficult to live every day like it’s not mine

it’s suffocating to chase dreams you both saw

but that changed didn’t it, our paths crossed

things aligned, we lost all the mayhem

we walked down the happy path,

but still, it’s hard for me to live with myself

because in 20 so years,

not once have I felt enough

not for a single moment have I felt I have done well

nothing I do is real until you don’t see them,

not once have I heard you say, that you are happy,

or that you are proud of me,

but, you know something, mom/dad -

all I ever wanted was to make you proud of me-

but I don’t think it’s happening in this life

no matter if I become the president of a country,

or CEO of Disney - you’ll still want more,

& I’ll still be suffocating, waiting to breathe -

waiting for your validation.

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