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love in a dystopian era

Amidst the ashes, ruins, and despair,

A glimmer of hope, a love so rare.

In a world where all seemed lost and grim,

I found my heart's companion, my sweet, sweet whim.

With eyes that shone like stars in the night,

She walked into my life, a radiant light.

In a world where all was dark and cold,

Her smile warmed my soul, making me bold.

We walked hand in hand through the rubble and dust,

And our love grew stronger, free from any rust.

In a world where all was chaos and strife,

Our love was a beacon, shining bright.

We whispered sweet nothings under starry skies,

And dreamed of a future, free from lies.

In a world where all was bleak and drear,

Our love was a flower blossoming here.

So let the world crumble and let it burn,

For in each other's arms, the love we'll yearn.

In a dystopian era, love can still be found,

And in that love, hope and happiness are bound.

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