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searching for a sunflower | iqraar | siksha

Muse: Images from Siksha Haritwal

Pen: BshubhamB

I was seven, & things were still perfect

but how long can a soul day dream before reality strikes,

I can run, & run but the truth will always catch up,

Trapped in a cage of my own making, he will forever hold me,

I keep looking for a ray of hope, a sunflower in this cage,

Something to help me escape, to set me free but in vain.

A year ago, I met this person, pretty like me,

he took me to movies, & took me to parks,

Kissed me on the forehead, gifted me flowers,

It was like living in a movie,

every moment felt like a music video,

Any moment now he would break into song, & dance.

promises never last, he did always love me,

But a little too much, he expected my life to be his.

it’s like I love the sun, but too much of it can burn me,

he started to burn me, it started to hurt,

& so it ended, but he never left my dreams, my mind

with time, I build this cage made from his memories,

It’s hard to accept that something you love isn’t good for you.

as I tell you my story, I feel this little nudge to stand up,

to search one more time for an opening, to not give up,

I see a sunflower at one end of the cage.


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