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Son's Regret

A son I was, proud and strong,

But now I feel so all alone.

My father's gone, and with him, a part of me,

I'm filled with regret, that I couldn't see.

The love we shared, was always so true,

But I was too caught up, in all I had to do.

I never told him, just how much he meant,

And now it's too late, my time is spent.

I wish I had, just one more day,

To hold his hand, and hear him say,

That he loved me, and I was his pride,

And I would say, "I love you too, Dad, with all my might."

But life is cruel, and takes what it may,

And all I have, are memories to play.

I'll hold them close, and never forget,

The love of a father, that I can't regret.

So I'll look up, to the sky so blue,

And know that he's watching, and loves me too.

And though I can't hear his voice, or feel his touch,

I'll always feel his love, it's not too much


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