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Sound of Rain - II

that smile is all I really miss

or maybe it's the walks

what exactly do you love about your partner?

it's been sixty-seven days and I haven't left this room

there's no reason to, the streets don't have her in them

there's nothing to look forward to,

I mean there needs to be a reason to go out.

there's no one to overeat with,

or no one to visit the churches with

walking without her is difficult

the hands feel empty, & the gap beside me

feels like a black hole sucking in everything

taking my smiles away from me, I still smile

though I doubt its sincerity -

i mean, i am here but i am not really here

lost in the hills,

thinking of the sky she might be looking at

these empty devices aren't enough to communicate

emoticons and words can only do so much

running from job, to job - task to task, i keep myself busy

i pray that i stay distracted and lost in work

afraid to think for a second, fearing the darkness in me

darkness she kept at bay, but now is creeping back in

the rain dulls away the pain and madness,

but rains don't last forever.



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