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wait for the end | iqraar | isha gurung

wait for the end,

it’s been a while since i danced to a song

wrote poems that simply sang

been a little simple,

when nothing was wrong

the storms are slowly eating away my innocence

they don’t let me be me,

they make me sway

they have kept me in the dark,

i feed off it now

its been a while since i left everything,

& went away

i packed a bag, & like a wanderer

took the first bus,

it travelled through the plains

it crossed bridges, sped along a river

it dropped me at the foot of a hill,

the place was warm

its people kind, & helpful,

they showed me the way i took a share taxi,

the roads ahead were calm

the tea gardens guarded by large trees

the people in it, resting beneath these trees

the taxi stopped by a sign that read, ‘i love Kurseong’

we all ate together,

eight strangers bonded over food

one of them asked me,

‘where are you going’

i replied, he offered his place for me to stay

the queen of all hills greeted me with a cold breeze

i watched as our taxi entered into a cloud

we drove through it,

the cloud turning to rain as we did

within a few miles we left the cloud behind

they say heaven exists above the skies

i watched as we just drove to it,

it was beautiful

i checked into my room,

& went out into the city

walked the streets, watched the world,

graceful & then at dinner, i first saw him


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