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iqraar | debarati

iqraar | debrati

Not so obvious ending.

Muse: @debaratighosh_

i am a photographer, in love with my muse

don't think it's a common occurrence,

as i have had a million different muses,

like rain, or like the neighbour pet, or people

oh! So many different types of people,

happy, shy, sad, outgoing, insecure,

but all of them equally gorgeous.

then one day, i found her ,

i remember our first meeting, it was gloomy,

she had a white dress, & looked perfect,

a friend had organised the meetup,

(ever grateful to him, we call him ‘borolene’)

she walked in using her phone, head down

& ran straight into borolene, and fell -

he imagined his filmy love story with her,

& i was worried that the dress might get dirty,

it didn't, it looked perfect as did she.

from the moment she put down her phone,

she was a whole new person,

she laughed or smiled, no third emotion,

except during the shoot, then -

changed emotions like she had a switch in her,

ithat's not when it happened though,

she was dangerously talented, not the first I met.

post the shoot we went for coffee,

that's it, then very randomly it happened -

maybe as I was at work, I didn't notice her,

but once we weren't,

I couldn't take my eyes off her,

she told stories from her life,

I just listened, lifelessly sitting & admiring.

that's when it happened, when we were us,

not model & photographer but people,

it was a surprise for me, being a girl -

I had never loved another girl before.

oh wait, did you just assume I am male?


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